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About Lindley

Greetings and thank you for visiting my web site!   

I was born in 1961 in San Francisco and grew up in the Midwest:  Wisconsin to be more specific.    Since leaving home in search of myself and adventure, I have lived on both coasts, sold Kirby vacuums, produced an award winning web site on gardening, managed a $100 million project budget (which is nowhere near as much fun as it sounds), met hundreds of talented fellow-artists, travelled broadly, and made wonderful friends all over the world.  
I'm enjoying the latest chapter of my life in the Coachella valley, a place I didn't even know existed a few years ago.  

What I have learned is that if I embrace the world around me, sooner or later adventure happens.  I've also learned that it is much easier to be yourself than to pretend to be someone you are not.  

I have always loved color and texture but it took the intervention of an artist friend and an urgent need to inject some creativity into my life for me to invest in a few brushes, a couple of tubes of acrylic paint, and a canvas or two.  This happened in 1987. Since then the brushes have multiplied, the tubes of paint have grown larger, and my hoard of canvases is larger than I have time for - as any artist will tell you this is a good problem to have.

Throughout my life, inspiration has always come from the intimate details and large scale drama of the natural world. I am enthralled by playful juxtapositions of shadow and light, the texture of thick paint, and all things sparkly. When I paint I try to create images that allow my audience a brief vacation from ordinary life, an opportunity to pause, to dream, and most importantly to believe in peace, beauty, and joy.

The last time I seriously worked on this web site I was exploring a new style of painting and had just begun working with acrylics after a twenty year hiatus. I currently live in Desert Hot Springs, California with my wife and an abundance of kitchen accessories, books, and pet hair.

May your life be filled with good friends and rewarding pursuits,

Lindley B. Karstens

Lindley Karstens
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