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Love Notes

February 12, 2017
It has been four months since we kicked off Breathe: Ecstatic Dance in the Desert and each month we have seen familiar faces, and enjoyed meeting new ones. I've discovered an amazing DJ app (VJay) for the iPad, and rediscovered my embarrassingly large music collection.  I have found that although I never really put my Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training into practice, that it continues to inform who I am and how I engage with others. (Thank you Michael Lee!)

Tonight I felt like I was finally beginning to get the hang of things.  People need time to 'arrive' in the space.  The music needs to be more upbeat in the invitational stage.  With a small group, we have more connection.  With more newcomers, we need more direction.  It's essential to adapt to what the group might need in the moment and a playlist, while a lovely roadmap... is not the same as the finished product. I still can't imagine what it's like to do this for a living, to do this more than once a month, and I have a renewed appreciation for those who dedicate their lives to this practice.  I'm still looking for someone to take this emerging community and make it theirs.  I would love to dance on a weekly basis, but I don't have the personal bandwidth to make that happen.  If you are a new teacher from the 5 Rhythms or Soul Motion or Open Floor tradition, I invite you to contact me.  Come dance with me, and come hold space for our emerging community.  

Finally, my deepest appreciation to Kristin Olson and the whole crew at Urban Yoga Center.  You are a true blessing!  Thank you for being such a vital part of making this happen.

November 6, 2016
I want to thank all the wonderful people who came to our very first event!  You were beautiful in every way.  I hope that what you took away with you at the end continues to feed your spirit.

September 20, 2016
My mother introduced me to improvisational dance when I was 8 years old.  She brought me to a college gym, where a woman with a large reel-to-reel machine began playing music that made my toes tap and told a room full of children to "pretend you are a bird".  That was it.  I was in love.  Although my mother also enrolled me in Ballet classes and along the way I have studied Jazz, Tap, and Ballroom, it is the freedom of the improvisational space that captures my heart. No rules.  Lots of room to move about. Wonderful music.  I am eternally grateful to my mother for this gift.

Since then I have had the privilege of dancing with Gabrielle Roth, Vin Marti, Jo Cobbett, Susan Harper, Michael and Anneli Molin-Skelton, Julian Walker, and many of their students.  In my late thirties improvisational dance became the door into my deepest spiritual experiences.  It was also a constant source of joy.  Without the dance community in Los Angeles, CA, my life would not have been as rich and full as it was for the fifteen years I lived there.  

I want to thank my dear friend and teacher, Jo Cobbett for her patience with my endless whining about finding an improvisational dance space in the Palm Springs area before she finally suggested that I take a shot at it.  I have no idea how this will all turn out, but it is a magnificant opportunity to start over again, pursuing a lifelong passion and my true spiritual path.  

November 1, 2017
It is with mixed feelings that I accept the conclusion of this experiment of mine here in the Coachella Valley.  I never sought to hold space for a dance community.  I was only hoping to find a group of kindred spirits to dance with wherever I landed.  After a year of working to build a community, I have discovered that holding space was a precious gift that I needed without realizing it. Now that I have become more comfortable with the idea of spinning tunes and creating explorations, I hope the future will hold another such opportunity.  I cannot tell the individuals who have joined me over the past twelve months home much I love their willingness to explore and experiment with me.  You are each and all a gift.  Thank you.  

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