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BREATHE comes from a long tradition of free form and spiritual dance practices.  Should you want to learn more about the foundations of this work, there are a number of web sites and books to help  ground your understanding.  Although my teachers all work in other locations, I am including links to their web sites, where you will find a wealth of information reflecting their individual perspective on dance as a spiritual practice and/or means of self-exploration, healing and self-care.

In addition, you may find conscious dance, improvisational dance, contact improv, and moving meditation workshops at places like Esalen and Omega Institute.
Jo Cobbett - Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
Vin Marti - Soul Motion
Susan Harper - Continuum Montage
Gabriel Roth - 5 Rhythms
  • Blood Memory - Martha Graham
  • Sweat Your Prayers - Gabrielle Roth
  • Dancing Mindfulness - Jamie Marich
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