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What to Expect


BREATHE is a periodic ecstatic dance event hosted in various locations in California.

Wear comfortable clothes, bring some water, and leave your street shoes at the door.  You may be more comfortable dancing in bare feet or wearing soft dance shoes. When hosted by Kristin Olson at Urban Yoga there are spaces inside the room for your personal items.  Other spaces may vary and I will post the information as those events occur.

Feel free to arrive and depart quietly when you wish.  

We start with music and guidance that encourages awareness of our breathing and moving fully into our bodies.  From there the music gets faster.  Some people will step back, sit down and enjoy time with themselves. Others will dance together.  There will be coming together, separating, and exploring that space between each body and inside ourself.  Some people will want to dance alone.  We respect individual choice and support one another's need to be compassionate with themselves - whatever that may look like.   If you come to dance and have no desire to meditate or pray, you are welcome to do so.  This is an open space for being with yourself as you move to the music.

Because some people consider this a time of spiritual connection or prayer, we ask dancers to keep talking to a minimum and take conversations outside the room.  

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